Sunday, August 8, 2010

The final post

For all those still reading my blog, this is my final post. Thanks to all for reading it, I really appreciate the positive feed back. I am not going to post any more pictures because 1) it takes to long and 2) they will all be shown at the reunion. I’m really glad that this all worked out, because I was worried at first that no one would read the blog. But, I am glad to be wrong, and I will see everyone at the graduation. Thanks to all.

Your Correspondent,

Matthew Bowden


  1. I enjoyed every post and checked your blog every day to see what was new. Thanks for doing this - an A-1 job!

  2. I too read your blog every day and looked forward to the next post day after day. If you wondered if it was worth the effort - it was. Thank you for the fantastic job writing and keeping us posted!

  3. Do you by chance have any extra troop 814 pins? Or do you have a way of contacting others from your troop? My son had one and it was taken from his campsite when he went to do something for his patrol... I've got some others from CA looking for me, but wanted to ask as they were in another troop. :-)

    Cindy :-)