Saturday, July 31, 2010

show cast

just a reminder that there is a show cast of the show tonight in hunington beach

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The storm has passed……?

Today started off well. Our patrols got going at a moderate pace, and most of us were out by 9:30. This morning I was able to successfully write, submit, and send an article for the Register, so yay for that. However, at lunch, the day struck a wrong curve.

As  most of us were under lunch canopy kiosks, it started to rain. At first, no biggy, but then, it poured. And I mean, it POURED. It was twice as bad as any storm in California, plus, there was also harsh winds. The weirdest thing, is that it was also WARM! After the storm was over, I remember Jacob Todd had a jacket on for the rain, but after it stopped, he had to take it off, it was so hot!

But, after that, the day cooled off a lot, and thankfully, none of our equipment was damaged! Yay for being prepared! At the time, we are just finishing dinner, and getting ready for a fresh night of pin trading. The OA meeting is tonight, and it is sure to be quite a spectacle. And finally, to finish off my blog, I will have Eric Lissner himself write a few words.

“I personally have been having loads of fun.  Lately, I’ve been trying to stay out of of everyone’s way, after all it’s a boy-run organization.  I’m just hanging out and enjoying the show.  The boys are having a blast.  It’s everything that they love: getting up early (yeah right), having fun all day (oh yeah), and staying up late-ish having more fun at night .  The big thing these days is patch trading.  It’s a crazy phenomenon.

I'm sure am glad that I received the opportunity to go on this trip.  I personally am so sleep-deprived that this little paragraph won’t make sense to everyone, but I know that it’s proof that I’m having fun.”

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Jamboree IS AWSOME

Okay, my name is Joshua aka Moses and I'm going to tell you how we make Jamboree fun. You see, if one really desired to make there time here useless and pitiful, one could. The weather is hot we had a code black today, we are drenched in sweat and I personally haven't had more than six and a half hours of sleep since our journey began. Yet this place is so beautiful, truly we are surrounded with tall majestic tress, and they’re actually green, there’s nothing brown or dying its all so very much alive. That, and the company is excellent I have bonded with my follow scouts in a way that I haven't thought possible in such a short time, you should hear some the discussions we have at meal time! The sky is not the limit; we will discusses anything from science, to religion, to which military branch is our favorite. Seriously, we did that today at dinner alone. That and everything a young boy would desire to do that unfortunately don't deal with girls is here. We have BMX courses, guns, archery, and giant swing wooden things that send you up in the air. Now mothers, no scouts were hurt (at least not that I heard off). Anyways my point is that this place could be your personal paradise or your worse nightmare; it all depends on your attitude and if you put your best foot forward.

By: Joshua Moses


(Pics from opening ceremony to come later, along with a post from Mr. Silva)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Gettysburg Addressed

This morning, we got up bright and early, and headed down to Gettysburg. The trip there was only about an hour, and on the way there, we watched…well Gettysburg! Once there, we met a tour guide named David, and he took us to numerous monuments to all of the brave generals and battalions that fought there. Some were just plaques, some where huge marble statues, ornate and ominous, but all of them were awe-inspiring. We traveled to one of highest points on the battlefield, and the sight was staggering.

While we were at the Civil War Cemetery, it started to rain, HARD. We had to get out of there, and fast. After we had a filling lunch, we all went outside, and it started to get worse. There was even quite a lot of thunder and lightning!

Once we got going back to D.C. The rain continued to pour for FOUR HOURS before it gave up. Though, it was great to have the temperature cool down for once! We then went into the Smithsonian Museum of American History, where we saw cool things like the Star Spangled Banner, Kermit the frog, and C-3P0.

A picnic awaited us when we reached a great park, and afterward, we had a (shirtless) game of volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. It was still pretty hot outside, so by the time we got back in the bus, many of us were really sweaty.

We then went to the Jefferson Memorial, which, as it were, closed the second we got there due to a power outage. The adults, however, had presented us with a surprise: The Declaration of Rededication to Scouting. After we signed it, we were each given a “fresh-off-the-press” California quarter, to signify this momentous event.

We were going to go see another memorial, but as decreed by popular vote, we went back to the hotel. While we got back early, it is sure to be a late night, because it is our last night in a hotel.

We just had a bunch of our clothes washed, all of us are showered, and we are ready for the Jamboree tomorrow. Pray for us that it doesn’t rain while we unload the truck!

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