Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some Thoughtful Words from Michael Dawson

Hey everyone... Just got back from the jambo and i thought i might as well get some things down so i dont for get. Over the last 2 weeks ive been gone, ive learned many things....
.At the jambo, 1 day can feel longer tha 2 weeks.
.Boy scouts are kinda gross... but they rock all the same.
.Matthew Bowden doesnt snore.
.My parents are truly amazing!
.I love my girlfriend very much.
.Its all good if you hang a coat hanger on a fire sprinkler... youll just have to stay up for a couple more hours
.Ex-wives arent really that bad.
.Hooters welcomes Boyscouts.
.Moses will be president right after Eric Lissner
.Ben. Franklin looks pretty fly in Neon green sunglasses
.The Blue Man Group likes to eat gumballs and tweenkies
.Watching Psych is best at 3 in the morning
.i finally know who swichfoot is.
.the Statue of Liberty isnt as big as it looks on the postcards.
.Troop 814 can totally break into the white house
.its amazing what you can do on a bus for 4 hours
.D&D is a great way to pass the time.
.sometimes the best sports jersey in no shirt at all.
.On of the best ways to get the boys together???... The Simpsons Movie in room 218!
.Kermet the Frog isnt has green as he seems on tv
.I make the scout uniform look good!
.Ugg patrol is the best and you know it!
.dont try to Towel change in public..especially when Malcolm is around....
.sometimes the best bed is a dozen duffle bags
.Garth Despain is a great man.
But one of the most important things i learned on my trip is that I now have 33 more brothers

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