Countdown to Jamboree

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Jamboree IS AWSOME

Okay, my name is Joshua aka Moses and I'm going to tell you how we make Jamboree fun. You see, if one really desired to make there time here useless and pitiful, one could. The weather is hot we had a code black today, we are drenched in sweat and I personally haven't had more than six and a half hours of sleep since our journey began. Yet this place is so beautiful, truly we are surrounded with tall majestic tress, and they’re actually green, there’s nothing brown or dying its all so very much alive. That, and the company is excellent I have bonded with my follow scouts in a way that I haven't thought possible in such a short time, you should hear some the discussions we have at meal time! The sky is not the limit; we will discusses anything from science, to religion, to which military branch is our favorite. Seriously, we did that today at dinner alone. That and everything a young boy would desire to do that unfortunately don't deal with girls is here. We have BMX courses, guns, archery, and giant swing wooden things that send you up in the air. Now mothers, no scouts were hurt (at least not that I heard off). Anyways my point is that this place could be your personal paradise or your worse nightmare; it all depends on your attitude and if you put your best foot forward.

By: Joshua Moses


(Pics from opening ceremony to come later, along with a post from Mr. Silva)

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