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Friday, July 16, 2010

An Intro to Trestles by: Cris Wilson

Trestles Beach attracts surfers from all over the world to experience the perfect wave. The 3½-mile-long beach has several separate surf breaks: Uppers, Middles and Lowers. Trestles is named after the old railroad bridge near the entrance to the beach. To get to the beach you will have to walk about a mile from the parking lot down a winding paved trail. Visitors will enjoy some of the last undeveloped coastal area in Southern California. San Mateo creek lagoon is directly behind the beach and during winter rains washes sand and rocks out to sea helping to create the perfect surf break. There are trails along the bluff where you can take in wonderful views of the coastline. Trains run frequently along the track so take great caution when crossing. Trestles is a fun place to surf, sun or just hike along the beach or bluffs.

Trestles is a collection of surfing spots at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County, California.  It is located at the mouth of San Mateo Creek, just south of the City of San Clements’s city limits.

Trestles gets its name from a series of railroad trestles that span the marsh and wetlands at the mouth of San Mateo creek.

Trestles is famous for surfing sports and the tournaments they hold such as the ASP world surfing competitions and the NSSA Nationals. Trestles is consisted of three areas; first is the Uppers also known as (cottons), the Middle called (the church) and the Lowers. The Lowers is where they hold most of there competitions because the Lowers consistently have the best waves of the whole beach and has the potential for its great waves with a long ride.

A interesting fact is that the North of Uppers is Cotton's Point, the location of former President Nixon’s home, La Casa Pacifica, aka “The Western Whitehouse” and the associated surfing spot of Cottons.

By: Cris Wilson

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