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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It would appear that I had posted the blog for the day too early, because LITERALLY 5 minutes after made my last post, a fire alarm in the hotel was triggered. I was in the lobby thinking it was some part of the club that was next to me, when the building exploded with people. People came rushing out of the building, and I thought that some kid had just tripped the alarm. I overheard that it had come from flood 3, the floor that all of the Troops were located on. Here is the story:

Two scouts were in their room, attempting to hang up some clothes, when one of the hangers brushed the fire alarm in the closet. The sprinklers in their room began immediately, and the whole fire alarm system started. It all happened around 11:50. The entire hotel was evacuated, and everybody was stationed outside. Here are a few pictures from our great experience our first night. Even the police and fire department arrived to aid with the non-existent problem!


Fire Truck

There might be another update on this unfortunate coincidence, but wish us all a safe night, and no more accidents!

It has been 30 minutes now, and still, no word of if we can go back in or not… I guess that means we will all be really tired tomorrow, but for now, the adrenaline is high, and we are all having a good laugh!

Yours in the latest news,

Matthew Bowden

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  1. Matthew you are a great writer. Thanks for all of your hard work! I will admit that I am a blog stalker!!