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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The storm has passed……?

Today started off well. Our patrols got going at a moderate pace, and most of us were out by 9:30. This morning I was able to successfully write, submit, and send an article for the Register, so yay for that. However, at lunch, the day struck a wrong curve.

As  most of us were under lunch canopy kiosks, it started to rain. At first, no biggy, but then, it poured. And I mean, it POURED. It was twice as bad as any storm in California, plus, there was also harsh winds. The weirdest thing, is that it was also WARM! After the storm was over, I remember Jacob Todd had a jacket on for the rain, but after it stopped, he had to take it off, it was so hot!

But, after that, the day cooled off a lot, and thankfully, none of our equipment was damaged! Yay for being prepared! At the time, we are just finishing dinner, and getting ready for a fresh night of pin trading. The OA meeting is tonight, and it is sure to be quite a spectacle. And finally, to finish off my blog, I will have Eric Lissner himself write a few words.

“I personally have been having loads of fun.  Lately, I’ve been trying to stay out of of everyone’s way, after all it’s a boy-run organization.  I’m just hanging out and enjoying the show.  The boys are having a blast.  It’s everything that they love: getting up early (yeah right), having fun all day (oh yeah), and staying up late-ish having more fun at night .  The big thing these days is patch trading.  It’s a crazy phenomenon.

I'm sure am glad that I received the opportunity to go on this trip.  I personally am so sleep-deprived that this little paragraph won’t make sense to everyone, but I know that it’s proof that I’m having fun.”

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